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The male shift essay sample

Even though the issue of gender equality is still at the forefront as the wage and opportunity gap has not been eliminated completely, there are lots of achievements we can be proud of. For instance, lots of managers are women now, especially in the US workplace where women have become the majority. What is more, both men and women in most parts of the world (but not in all, unfortunately), have access to get education of the same level which means that they will most likely have the same career opportunities later on. Women have become an integral part of almost every workplace which is great news as the society can benefit a lot from using brainpower of both men and women. Mankind can achieve much more in so many fields.

However, the aspect of male shift has become the issue for heated discussions lately. Recent findings even state that women have become more adjusted to the current working conditions. They gain a lot of knowledge which leads to developing new skills which they tend to use at work.

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On Golden Pond positive and negative dealing with aging

All people deal with aging differently which is quite normal as each of us is a unique human being. Obviously, you are aware of the fact that you can either view aging as a positive aspect, or as a negative aspect. However, the way you perceive it depends on your world view. Speaking about such issue as On Golden Pond positive and negative dealing with aging, this pattern can be illustrated on the example of two main characters: Norman and Ethel. Norman is the one who deals with aging in a quite negative way while Ethel does exactly the opposite.

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Advantages and disadvantages of online learning and employment

Online learning is a term that is given in the process of learning online , in a virtual environment . Impact of the Internet or the Web in our lives these days , of course, much more than it was ten years ago. In this case , more and more people are opting for online courses to get further education , improve their skills , add to their pool of knowledge, as well as access to courses that they could not otherwise learn. Internet tutorial is growing in popularity day by day because of some of its obvious advantages . But there is no doubt that , virtual learning has drawbacks yourself. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of online learning .

Benefits of online lessons :

• Availability

The most obvious presence of online lessons is that it is easily accessible to everyone in the world. Search learning in the real world can be difficult, but it is not the case in virtual training or education .

• Optional

In online tutoring , you have a choice of a range of courses , not only in order to choose the one that is available. You can make your choice based on your needs and specifications. In fact, in the virtual world , you get the opportunity to work with several teachers who specialize in different areas .
Online Tutoring

• Ease

Online learning offers you the opportunity to meet your learning every day and that too without leaving the comfort of your home. This will help you save travel time, travel costs , and do not need you to dress formally.

• Technology

For young and old, online training introduces you to some of the best technology available to us. Videoconferencing, animation , virtual whiteboard and file sharing are just some of the technological aspects of online lessons that will definitely have an advantage over real- world education.

• Cost-effectiveness

Since the online lessons , You do not need a caregiver to go to your home or educational institution to teach you , the cost of online education courses or much less than traditional ways of learning . Thus, one usually save a lot of money in the form of coaching because of its cost effectiveness.

Disadvantages or limitations online lessons :
Education via the Internet

• Technological limitations

In most cases, online learning or tutoring, the tutor and the student must have the same software , writing tablets or other technological equipment , which can not really be possible. Thus, it is a disadvantage that it is difficult to overcome.

• IT knowledge

Because online learning has a lot to do with IT knowledge, those who do not have any IT experience or knowledge may be difficult to handle. This is more noticeable in the case of younger children. So this is another limitation of online lessons .

• Mandatory requirement internet connection

Online learning requires both the instructor and the student to have a really strong internet connection to Skype or a similar platform to work properly. Thus, for those who do not get a good connection , online learning is a difficult thing to continue, and may not be able to reap its benefits .

• Lack of enough motivation

In the case of online lessons if the student motivation or lost heart because of poor performance , the teacher would not really be able to help him / her out and motivate him / her to do better. This is one of the other disadvantages of online education and training.

Thus, online education has pluses and minuses.

Custom order book critique

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Can unionization change resident life

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